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Mirage - Cream to powder

Mirage - The Magic of Cream to Powder


GelMoment Mirage offers a one-of-a kind luxurious foot cream experience. Containing a 6 extract complex as well as Urea and Vitamins, Mirage absorbs instantly and moisturizes, providing maximum hydration. 

Once absorbed, GelMoment Mirage simultaneously turns into an extremely fine powder providing comfortable protection for the entire day. 

Purpose and Application of the Mirage Foot Cream.


Have you noticed that feet begin to sweat and smell relatively when they spend all day constricted by tight shoes.


Did you know that a typical pair of feet have over 250,000 sweat glands that produce plenty of sweat. In fact feet have the most concentrated amount of sweat glands within the whole body. This is why feet tend to sweat both in the winter and the summer.


Feet crave fresh air and most shoes don't give them that luxury. You can't always walk around barefoot to ward off sweat, but you can treat your feet right whether they're in or out of shoes. By using GelMoment Mirage you'll be able to say goodbye to sweaty soles and embarrassing foot odor. And keep you feet comfortable and fresh all day long, both in and out of shoes. Not to mention maintaining a good level of moisturization.




Take a small amount of Mirage cream in your hands and apply lightly and evenly to the sole of your feet. Make sure it has absorbed fully before putting on shoes or socks. Rinse your hands after application.



  • $30.00

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